Located on the northwest coast of Africa, Senegal is a peaceful country renowned for its music, beauty, storytelling, and hospitality. With fantastic beaches, extraordinary tropical forests to the south, and the magnificent Sahara Desert to the north, this West African nation is truly unique.

Senegal is also home to the unique Sufi culture. The Sufis are descended from the 19th century religious leader, Cheikh Amadou Bamba, one of the world’s first advocates of principled non-violence in Senegal's independence movement.

For centuries, the Sufi communities of Senegal have have celebrated the ancient wisdom of their elders and the healing properties of their natural surroundings. Tiossan draws inspiration from this proud tradition.


Tiossan derives its name from “thiossane”—“origins” in Senegal’s native Wolof language. It is through the celebration of these origins, and the truth and purity of the products on which they are based, that Tiossan strives to tell the story of Senegal.

Our ultimate goal at Tiossan is to not only source our ingredients from Africa, but eventually move manufacturing and production of our products there as well. By establishing our processing facilities in Senegal, Tiossan will bring jobs and new financial empowerment to the country's hardworking people.

In addition to offering employment and exposure to world-class innovation, technology, design, and entrepreneurship, Tiossan also intends to create educational and mentoring programs for the families of our employees. Using 50% of our profits for our “Bottle of Ambition” project, we plan to develop Montessori-style schools that build upon Senegalese cultural traditions of learning and creativity.  The goal of this program is to empower future generations to become engaged and successful citizens.

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