Bottle of Ambition Project


Tiossan is dedicated to supporting and healing the Senegalese community, just as it supports and heals the skin of every Tiossan user. 50% of the profits from every Tiossan purchase is devoted to creating innovative schools at Senegal, where students will receive an education in creativity, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship – skills that will not only help them achieve sustainable, fulfilling lives, but ones that allow them to channel their incredible ambition.


To create jobs in Senegal

At the heart of our products is our ancient Senegalese recipes created by traditional practitioners. These recipes have nourished the skin and souls of Senegalese people for hundreds of years. While homage to these recipes is a beautiful thing in and of itself, it isn’t enough for our do-gooder entrepreneurial hearts at Tiossan. Upon completion of proof-of-concept, production of our products will be moved to Senegal to create jobs, opportunities and to perpetuate the good fortune and ambition with which we have been blessed.

Senegal is one of the poorest nations on Earth, with one of the highest rates of unemployment. Although the Senegalese people are hardworking and entrepreneurial, lack of investment in the country deprives them of opportunities to pursue their full potential.  Tiossan is changing perceptions of Africa by being a pioneer in the Senegalese manufacturing and high-end beauty industries.  As we and Senegal grow, Senegalese children will be more than hopeful, or wishful - they will be empowered to exercise their ambitious hearts and some day see the fruits of their labor change the world.  

To expose Tiossan employees to world-class expertise in creativity, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship

The current Senegalese education system does not celebrate innovation, design, and entrepreneurship, seeing them more as soft skills. However, these are necessary skills to succeed in the modern business environment. As part of our initiative, Tiossan will create educational and mentoring opportunities to foster these skills among Tiossan employees and their families.

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