Our Products


Our unique healing complex is formulated with Black Seed Oil, which has been used for centuries by Senegalese elders and locally described as “The Remedy for Everything, Except Death.” Modern science has recently discovered the healing and anti-aging properties of Black Seed Oil.  Ellativa™ is a unique blend that combines Black Seed Oil with other nurturing natural ingredients, including unrefined shea, aloe vera and essential oils.  The resulting product is reminiscent of freshly opened young buds of jasmine.  Your skin will glow with youthful radiance, and so will your mind.  




I created Tiossan (tee-oh-sahn), the first luxury skincare brand from Senegal, because I wanted to share the gifts that had been passed down by my ancestors.  As a child, my grandmother nourished my skin daily with the formulations made by our village traditional healer.  Now, as a cosmopolitan woman with a life on three continents, I use the same ancient recipes and natural African botanicals to keep my skin vibrant, healthy, and young. Over the past few years, I have put love and care into bringing these formulations to the global market to share with you. It is my pleasure to introduce Tiossan. Enjoy!