Start by warming a dab of lotion in your palms for about 20 seconds, so it's at the right temperature to be absorbed into your skin. Begin applying the lotion to your upper body: start with your hands and move vigorously up to your shoulders. Repeat few times making sure to apply the lotion to the outer-side and inner-side to hydrate the whole arm. Pay special attention to your elbows. And do not forget your belly: for a flat belly, use the palm of your hands to massage the lotion in using small clockwise circular motions, applying a subtle pressure. And with the tip of your index finger, rub your belly button to hydrate it too!

Then for your firm butt, hips, and thighs... First massage generous drop of lotion into them, then clench your fists, and with the flat side of your hands, rub your skin in small circles from bottom to top. Repeat a few times to firm and tone the skin. Now move onto your legs. Start at the foot and massage the whole foot, paying special attention to the heel and making sure to apply lotion to the toes and between the toes. Then start from the ankle and go slowly up the leg, massaging the lotion into your skin by applying firm yet gentle pressure. Repeat a few times to ensure the lotion has penetrated your skin properly. Pay special attention to dry areas like the knees. Remember to massage your hands, fingers and cuticles, and between the fingers.

Finally, do not forget that well hydrated skin starts from within. So drink plenty of water, again, and again...