Tiossan and MAMA HOPE have a shared passion for supporting the health of mothers and children, and so we are proud to give 50% of our sales to help further their work at the Suubi Health Centre. MAMA HOPE’s unique, human ­centered approach has delivered the funding to open the facility, purchase an ambulance, and to establish educational programs. Proceeds from your purchase will help these initiatives, as well as to build out a new maternity ward. “Suubi” means “hope”, and we invite you to join in our shared vision of a healthy future for the women and children of Eastern Africa.


The Suubi women are trained health care field workers who travel to remote communities surrounding the health center, bringing modern healthcare techniques and prenatal support to the people who need it the most!


In 2010, Mama Hope partnered with the Mukisa family to fulfill their dream  of providing health care to their community in Budondo.