Terranga Parfum

Tiossan Terranga Parfum
Tiossan Terranga Parfum
Tiossan Terranga Parfum
Tiossan Terranga Parfum

Terranga Parfum


A sensual and delicious fragrance of mandarin and fig with delicately layered apricot and rose that feels like a warm, nurturing embrace.

Top Notes: .

Heart Notes:

Base notes: .

Top Notes: Mandarin, Ylang-Ylang, Fig
Heart Notes: Rose, Apricot, Lilly of the Valley
Base Notes: Raspberry, Amber and White Musk

No phthalates - No formaldehydes

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What it is

A unique Parfum custom crafted in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, by our artisan French perfumer. He selects only the finest, purest ingredients to create rich aromas that enrich your senses and enchant your soul throughout the day.

What else you need to know

Modern society is fond of labels. Some advocate the idea that people are almost one dimensional and everyone is a specific type of person; shy or bold, compassionate or crass.

Throughout her life Magatte learned that this was not the case, and that we are in a perpetual state of change. She gradually became acquainted with the distinct feminine identities that comprised her personality and learned to embrace them:

“I first encountered Terranga – the diplomat, home maker, giver and muse. She was the part of me who strives to excel, to fulfill and realize potential. Later on it was my Flamboyant; my soaring spirit – lively, vivacious and whimsical. In time I encountered Fatale; the sensual, romantic temptress infused with the power of charm and unbridled sexuality. Finally it was my Femme; the intuitive healer within me who nurtures and loves with every fiber of her being.“- Magatte Wade, Tiossan Founder

These are the facets of womanhood and while some possess more of one than another, we each embody an aspect of these personas at one point or other in our lives.

Magatte developed her signature scents with these identities in mind, providing women a selection that compliments the unique facets of their complex personalities.


Natural Denatured Alcohol, a proprietary blend of custom crafted French fragrances, Aqua (Water).

How to Use

Apply parfum to your pulse points by spraying from one foot away from your skin, preferably after you shower or bathe. Spraying the lower half of your body is sufficient, as heat allows the fragrance to rise throughout the day. Allow the parfum to dry thoroughly before you dress.