Magatte Wade sought to incorporate ingredients traditionally used by healers from her native Senegal into Tiossan.
— The New York Times
Her goal is to inspire others, so that in the next 10 years there is an African company among the top 100 global brands.
I wanted to bring more of my indigenous Senegalese culture to the U.S. market, both to share the gifts of our culture with the West and so that Senegalese would become more aware of the value of their own culture.
— Forbes
December Grooming Must-Haves
— Men's Health
We’re all about using beauty as vehicle for change, so we’re in total support of Tiossan’s mission. And, we can’t thank them enough for saving us a whole lot of time, energy, and airfare — the best ingredients the globe has to offer are now right at our fingertips.
— Refinery29
Just one sniff of her sugar-infused Body Scrub, and we were itching to jump in the nearest shower for a test drive.”
— Birchbox
Magatte gave us some great beauty tips and life affirmations that were just so amazing, you couldn’t help but be empowered.
— Lucky Magazine
More and more Americans are recognizing the beauty, culture and products from the African continent.
— Madame Noire
The Body Wash has become a steady member of my shower ritual; and if I’m feeling especially peppy, a spritz of the perfume with its happy, citrus notes over hints of musk and amber, puts a little hop in my step as I walk out the door.
— Shulman Says