(Chief Executive Tiossana)

Magatte Wade, founder and CEO, is a serial-entrepreneur and formidable advocate of positive change in business, gender roles, and Africa. Her larger than life personality has led her to entrepreneurial success and a celebrated speaker at international conferences on entrepreneurship, innovation, and competitiveness. She was named “20 Youngest Power Women in Africa” by Forbes Magazines, a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum at Davos for 2011, and a TED Global Africa Fellow.

Born in Senegal, Magatte moved to Europe at the age of eight, where she flourished as a student, but also as an ambassador for justice and social change. After high school Magatte went on to study business and eventually moved to the US to hone her business skills and climb the corporate ladder. Her success was inevitable, but it was the love of her late husband that allowed her to grow as a woman and explore her 4 states of being, her “Tiossanas,” if you will. Being a successful businesswoman doesn’t mean denying one’s femininity; it means owning it and using it as a competitive edge, and that is exactly what Magatte Wade did.

Tiossan pays tribute to 4 beautiful and powerful states of being a woman. Depending on what we go through, and how we feel, different parts of our personalities shine and create a chain reaction in the world. Tiossan was founded on the principle that we should always be the best versions of ourselves to drive change. Fragrance has the power to move and inspire these states of being, and thus to perpetuate those feelings to those around us.

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